Gift Your Girl The Gift She Would Never Forget: A Look At The Best Christmas Gift Ideas Under $300

Yes, it is that time of the year! When we buy gifts for our friends and family and enjoy the art of gifting. Wondering what would make as the perfect gift for your loved ones? Well, the easiest way to get done with the dilemma would be to give them a gift card and hence allow them to choose something of their liking. However, we can never get this lucky, right? You’ll have to toil a little to get that big smile on your special person’s face.

So here are some trending gifting ideas for your girl for this year’s Christmas.

1) Hair Accessories

hair-accessories.jpgWe all need these on a very regular basis but very rarely find the time in our schedules to accommodate these needs and buy them. Be it from hair serum to masques and other hair care products, you can gift your girl healthy hair this Christmas. Being thoughtful about what you gift definitely makes up the receivers day. Let her know that you care for her and her beautiful hair.

2) Gift Them A Wig!

iPiccy-collage.jpgWell, yes! Why not? We are very sure that people won’t buy a wig unless necessary. Gift them a funky wig with bright colors like purple and green or an aesthetic wig with colors that suit them and in stylish hairstyles like bob, blob, curls, step-cut etc. The best part about gifting these would be that one can easily find wigs under $250 for experimenting purposes. So, why not gift them a new look this season and make them happy?

3) Wig Maintenance Kit

lWhile we are covering the topic of getting wigs, you can also gift your girl a maintenance kit along with a wig, which includes tripod stand, wig specific conditioners and shampoo, long-teethed comb and such similar stuff. This gift would be the epitome of personalization and thoughtfulness. Just a small suggestion though, if you have decided to gift a maintenance kit only, then gift this to people who already use wigs! Ha-ha. The best things are never that easy, you know!

4) Gift Them Hair Care

hair-care-spa.jpgIf not a wig maintenance kit then definitely you can give them all the perfect ingredients for a home hair spa. You can buy them something that they already use or maybe gift them something you’d want them to try out. In short, gifting this item is one way of making your girl trying out new things which she wouldn’t have otherwise do? So yeah, it is really fun.

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5) A Little Makeup Magic


Well, yeah. Who doesn’t like to look pretty? And say what, pretty for you? Now wouldn’t that be a dream come true. A makeup gift can be taken in both positive and negative ways and hence make sure that you are really close to the person before making such bold gestures.

You can gift your loved ones a number of things but by gifting something from the list above you’ll be giving them a new look and a new experience. This is sure to bring a small goofy change in their otherwise monotonous life. This is what keeps us going. While your hair is the crown that you wear daily, it is your face that people see. Put a smile on it by gifting them the best Christmas present.

Hope these gifts would make this Christmas merrier for you and your loved ones. For, a good gift is always remembered and cherished for the lifetime. So gift a gift that is worth gifting!

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